How everything started


The Jewish community in France is going through a worrying period: security crisis, loss of dynamism, difficulties in projecting themselves as Jews in France.

So many reasons that have led Jewish communities not only to raise awareness, but also to wonder about the means to be implemented to revitalize Jewish life and integrate each one of them according to their own sensitivity.

For young "actors" and

not just "consumers"

There is no unifying project involving Jewish youth in all their plurality and shaping the future of the community of tomorrow.

Today is the time to act through a global offer that puts young people at the center of the project, allowing them to become actors and not to remain mere consumers.

When it all started ...

After 5 years of reflection, HILEL CAMPUS France was launched in 2017 under the leadership of Joël Benhamou.

At very young age he joined the EEIF, a youth movement that he never really left.

For more than 25 years, he has accumulated numerous community commitments. He created in 2005 the Yéchiva des Etudiants de Marseille, he joined the staff of LIMOUD France in 2016 and launched Limoud Marseille in 2017.