Our mission


Empower young people to be architects

of the Jewish community of tomorrow!

HILEL CAMPUS France is a place where young Jews can speak out, innovate, undertake and develop themselves as Jews.

A new dynamic at work, driven by the values ​​of innovation, openness and sharing.


HILEL CAMPUS France was launched in March 2017.

Nos objectifs


Committed youth, promoting the emergence of an excellent leadership


International openness of the Jewish community through its youth


Assumed and intellectually demanding Jewish identity

Our values

Pluralism and respect

The Jewish people are versatile. HILEL CAMPUS wants to be open to all Jews, regardless of gender, age, religious commitment or social level.


HILEL CAMPUS considers that we can, even must, be able to communicate and exchange with a view to mutual enrichment.


This pluralism must be accompanied by mutual respect, without judgment and without pressure as regards the religious practice of each one.

Common minimum

To allow a cohabitation, respect of choices of everybody and the welcoming of all the Jews without exclusion, the Shabbat and the Cacherouth are respected in the common places.

HILEL CAMPUS 'commitment to the future of the Jewish community in France

Within the Jewish community and the youth in particular, HILEL CAMPUS aspires and encourages the development of built and strong Jewish identity.

As part of a tradition of rich and complex thought and questioning, while being anchored in modernity, HILEL CAMPUS wishes to encourage and promote within the community a relationship to non-dogmatic Judaism based on an approach favoring critical thinking of each one.

HILEL CAMPUS acts in this direction by means of a Jewish study of text, being intellectually demanding and open to all, regardless of their level of religious practice of each.

Regarding the society

HILEL CAMPUS promotes and encourages the individual commitment of everyone in the collective, whatever form this commitment takes.

HILEL CAMPUS wants to bring the Jews of France closer to the Jews of other communities around the world with whom they constitute the people of Israel.

Finally, HILEL CAMPUS considers that the Jewish community is an integral part of French society, and that as such, its vocation is to participate actively in the life of the city.